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  • Weddings are all about your feelings. We create spectacular images that show how great you feel together as a couple. Our biggest focus on a wedding - is you two.

  • Jūras Duo Photography - we are two photographers, husband and wife - Matas & Paulina


We have a distinct photographic style. Bellow you will find how we see weddings. If you think the same – we are a good match!

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Fast slideshow is a quick way to discover our style:

We believe in clean, elegant and timeless wedding photography.

We want every picture to radiate your emotion. Whether it’s fun, romance or joy. It brings back the emotions you had on your wedding day.

We love colourful photography. We stay true to natural colours. We don’t make it look weird.

We also love black/white photography. It just works better for some images and feels more elegant.

We always create slideshows. We put a lot of extra effort to make it special – an emotional movie of your wedding.

We want you to have a great and fun experience when being photographed.

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We were so excited to win a major international wedding competition with this picture! It was named as the “Best Baltic Wedding Photograph 2012”

 A wedding day passes so quickly, so relax and enjoy those precious moments with each other!

We love those real moments of your wedding!

We are open for international weddings. Would you fancy to get married in Florence?

We make your skin look naturally clean and beautiful. We don’t over-do-it, so it would not look like plastic.

We are constantly looking for new techniques and improvement in our wedding photography.

We believe the actual photography process should be a pleasure for you, not a hard work. We make sure you are having a great time together in a nice location.

We have a flying camera/helicopter. Surroundings look way different from the air.

We believe that best photos come out if you feel absolutely comfortable with us being around you all day.

You can find more pictures in our “wedding gallery”.