"I am forever chasing light.
Light turns the ordinary into the magical."

-Trent Parke -

Wedding photography allowed us to create a lifestyle that we've always wanted. We are working on what we absolutely love. We have freedom to create. We are managing our time the way we like it. We travel the world! We take over 2 months a year just for personal wanderings and traveling! And we even found a way to plan our revenue 1,5 years in advance
(everyone knows, this is huge for freelancers!)

We've been so grateful for the wedding photographers community who accepted and helped us when we just started. We want to continue giving back and pass on our experience to help others on their wedding photographers' path. We have so much to tell. From career change to becoming the Best Wedding Photographers in Baltic States, to multiple International Awards, to the most beautiful weddings all around Europe.

In 11 years as wedding photographers we gained so much experience, know-how and insights. We are happy to share every single detail we know about wedding photography.

It is never too late to start creating your dream job.

We offer a variety of our signature workshops and trainings.
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- Our signature workshops & trainings -
- Wedding day in Somewhere -

These are series of workshops held in various locations and different countries. It is a staging of a real wedding day and different parts of it. We begin by photographing the preparation a bride and groom, continue to the ceremony, couple photoshoot and evening dances. The upcoming workshops of these series will be: "Wedding Day in Venice" and "Wedding Day in Mallorca".
- Compositions in Town -

With a very small group of photographers we go out in town and search for great compositions. As if you had City Wedding and have the photoshoot somewhere in the centre. We create extraodinary images in ordinary locations.
- Body Language & Photoshoot Workflow -

We learn to create amazing pictures through understanding light and body language of the couple. We normally do this workshop indoors in a quite simple location to make it more tricky - which means to learn quicker. After the photoshoot we show the exact process of culling and editing images.
- Viva Italia! with Nakutis Photography -

An 5 day Italian experience for wedding photographers!
From business to creation to motorbike ride all along Amalfi coast!


- Impress Workshop with Vadim Fasij -

A two-day workshop in the City. Combining business side of wedding photography as well as creative part of it.
- Photoshoot at the Pier -

It's amazing what one can create on a simple grey pier using strong compositional techniques!
- Wedding Photographer's Kitchen -

This is the ultimate training for wedding photographers. All about true wedding photographer's "kitchen", all the inside things, true and raw reality. From branding, pricing, clients relations all the way to creative part and becoming a really great photographer.

We also do a very short shoot showing how to use flash lights and make those light flares during wedding party dances.

- Wedding Photography Insider -

This is the ultimate training for wedding photographers. Online course about wedding photography, all the inside things, true and raw reality. We have filmed this online course all across Europe. We not only share all the insights to wedding photography business, but also teach how to find strong compositions, light and create awesome pictures in different locations in all those different countries. We will be releasing "Wedding Photography Insider" online course early next year. Sign up below and be the first to find out when the course is ready.
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- Let's Shoot a Wedding Together -

If you have ever wanted to have a peek through wedding photographer's shoulder, to hear what he/she is thinking when working, you might be interested in this course. Find all the information here.
- Wedding Photographer's Resources -

We created a FREE copy of our Resources Guide which we use every day in our wedding photographer's lives. It is a guide to essential digital tools for modern wedding photographers - for faster workflow, stronger brand identity and happier clients.

You can get yours here.
- Lightroom Editing Course for Beginners -

This is a quick and simple Lightroom editing course for beginners. We shared it on Skillshare and if you go through here - you'll receive a 2 week free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership.

- Personal Mentoring -

We do offer a variety personal mentoring and consultations. These are tailor-designed to your specific needs and questions.
- Website & Portfolio Reviews
- Choosing the Best Match for You Gear
- Strong Compositions
- Communications
- All Technical "how to" and Why
- Travel With Us and Shoot
- Get in touch for more

Most of these sessions can take place in person or online. For online consultations we meet via Zoom and keep in touch via email or messenger. Get in touch and we'll chat and develop a fun and personalised session for you.
- Speeches -

Every single time it amazes us when we get invitation to speak at the conference. We really do have to pinch ourselves and we truly love sharing our knowledge and stories.


- Creative Phone Photography & Videography -

This is a fun training perfect for workations or co-workers events.

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