Jūras Duo wedding photography services:

  • 2 photographers on your wedding day;
  • up to 8 hours of photography coverage;
  • at least 250 retouched images on a USB drive;
  • 30 cm x 30 cm high quality album (40 pages).

Why are two photographers better than one?

We believe having two photographers at your wedding is a necessity. If you are getting ready separetely, in the morning – one of us is with the bride, the other – with the groom. So we capture both of you getting ready. During the ceremony we are sure to photograph your emotions, also we cover guests reactions more easily. We capture every moment from two angles to provide a cinematic feel of your wedding story.

8 hours of photography coverage – enough or too little?

We always start photographing when you’re getting ready in the morning. We believe it is an essential introduction into the story of your wedding day. We cover your ceremony unobtrusively in a photojournalistic way. We always ask for at least 2 hours during the day with just the two of you. That is the time for creative, emotional portraits of you two. We cover the start of the reception for all the details and beauty of your venue. 8 hours is the minimal time for us needed to tell the story from the beginning to the end. If you wish, we can always stay longer for an additional charge.

Will 250 images be enough?

We will make around 5000 images on your wedding day. We carefully select the best images, make a thorough editing and provide you only with the best. You don’t want to see 10 versions of nearly the same picture? Closed eyes or weird facial expressions? We believe 250 is the right amount to tell the story, capture your emotions, wedding details and the feeling of the day.

How do you retouch/edit the images?

Every image we provide you is retouched. We love pictures with natural colors. We never make yellow toned (so called vintage) or weird looking color images. You will get bored of them and they will eventually go out of fashion. That’s not what you want to happen, right? We believe wedding photography should be timeless. We retouch your skin for any imperfections you might have. Although don’t like it to look too even like plastic. We make it look naturally clean and beautiful. Part of the images you will receive are in black/white, other part in color.




Do I need a wedding album?

These days, most of the photos live inside your computer. Images look different on multiple computer screens. We believe the most important photographs deserve to be printed. Otherwise it’s just a half-finished process. You will value printed images and cherish them much more. We offer you fabulous albums from selected U.K., New Zealand and Australia manufacturers. Our highest quality selection ranges from modern to classic ones. We have great samples to show you. We are sure you’ll love them.

How experienced are you in weddings?

We have photographed around 130 weddings in the last 7 years all over Europe. From small and cozy 10 people weddings to big, 200 guests, weddings. We are confident to make great photographs in any given situation.

What if your camera brakes or photos gets accidentally deleted?

We put a lot of effort to prevent this happening. We have 3 professional camera bodies, and 8 professional lenses. So even if 2/3 of our equipment malfunctions – you wouldn’t notice the difference. Every camera records images to two cards simultaneously. At home we back up pictures to multiple hard drives in multiple locations. So there is always a second copy available.

What else do you photograph?

We specialize in weddings. That’s all we photograph professionally. We want to be the best, so we keep ourselves focused. We think a person cannot be great in fashion, commercial, children, baby and wedding photography at once. He could be only half good. We believe there is no other way if we want to provide the best service possible.