Live Workshops

- Our Signature Workshops -

Live Workshops

- Our Signature Workshops -

- Wedding Day Somewhere -

These are a series of workshops held in various locations and different countries. It is a staging of a real wedding day and different parts of it. We begin by photographing the preparation of a bride and groom, continue to the ceremony, couple photoshoot, and evening dances. The upcoming workshops of these series will be: "Wedding Day in Venice" and "Wedding Day in Mallorca".
- Bridal Photoshoot in Uzutrakis Manor -

Portfolio building workshop at the Uzutrakis manor. The "bride" had a gorgeous Juozas Statkevicius gown that suited the elegance of the estate perfectly.  Students loved this opportunity to create some editorial bridal portraits for their portfolios.
- Compositions in Town -

With a very small group of photographers we go out in town and search for great compositions. As if you had a City Wedding and a photoshoot somewhere in the center. We create extraordinary images in ordinary locations.
- Body Language & Photoshoot Workflow -

We learn to create amazing pictures through understanding the light and body language of the couple. How to ease them and capture naturally looking expressions & body language. This workshop is indoors in a quite simple location to make it more tricky - which means learning gets quicker. After the photoshoot, we show the exact process of culling and editing images.
- Viva Italia! with Nakutis Photography -

A 5-day Italian experience for wedding photographers!
From business to creation to motorbike ride all along Amalfi coast!


- Impress Workshop with Vadim Fasij -

A two-day workshop in the City. Combining the business side of wedding photography as well as the creative part of it.
- Photoshoot at the Pier -

It's amazing what one can create on a simple grey pier using strong compositional techniques!
- Wedding Photographer's "Kitchen" -

This is the ultimate workshop for wedding photographers. All about wedding photographer's work & lifestyle. All the inside things, true and raw reality. From branding, pricing, clients relations all the way to the creative part and becoming a really great photographer.

We also do a very short shoot showing how to use flashlights and make those light flares during wedding party dances.
- Public Speeking -

Every single time it amazes us when we get an invitation to speak at the conference. We really do have to pinch ourselves and we truly love sharing our knowledge and stories.


- Creative Phone Photography & Videography -

This is a fun training perfect for workations or co-workers events.

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