Online Courses and Tools

Online Courses and Tools

- Let's Shoot a Wedding Together Online Course -

If you have ever wanted to have a peek through a wedding photographer's shoulder, to hear what he/she is thinking when working, you might be interested in this course.
The course is in Lithuanian language, you can find it here.
- Lightroom Editing Course for Beginners -

This is a quick and simple Lightroom editing course for beginners. We shared it on Skillshare and if you go through here - you'll receive a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership.
- Wedding Photography Insider Course -

This is the ultimate course for wedding photographers. All the insider information about wedding photography. We have filmed this course across various inspiring locations around Europe. Real insights into the wedding photography business, as well as creative photography. How to find strong compositions, light, and create awesome pictures in various locations in all those different countries.
The course will be launched soon. Find out more about it here.
- Lightroom Presets -

We have developed two Lightroom preset collections. 
The first one is called "Timeless" - with subtle muted colors and tones for a bit more classic feel. You can find the Lithuanian version here.
The other collection is more vivid in color and more contrasty for a bit more punchy feel. You can find the Lithuanian version here. 
And the English version here.
- Light Bokeh Overlays for Photoshop -

Each overlay is optically photographed in real-life conditions. The light reflections are transparent, blending in naturally with your images. They create the foreground - an extra layer between the lens and the person. Which brings subtle depth and a bit of mystery to the photo.
You can find the English version here.
And the Lithuanian version here.

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